Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Book Recommendation

Today almost 85% of us participate in Mesa's 401(k) Plan, and the plan now exceeds over $1,000,000 of assets. As a group, you are on the right path for your financial future, which is why I would like to recommend the following book.

Wealth is the accumulation of assets. That which has been saved and not yet spent. Almost anyone in America can become a millionaire if they wish, since the key to accumulating wealth is not earning a high income. The real key is your ability to save. For those of you under the age of forty especially,I would recommend the book "The Millionaire Next Door." The book does not describe any get rich quick schemes or 50 ways to make money in the market. It simply describes the characteristics of the typical millionaire, and will give you a model that can help you attain your goals.

Do you have a favorite book on personal finance, business or other topics? Pass it along with a short description, and I will add it to the reading list.


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